Something healthy to break up all those cupcakes...

You must excuse me. I need to share with you what I am going through. It's not very polite and it may make you mad...depending on what kind of person you are. I am posting this very healthy diet (cringe) meal. Yes, I know the word "diet" is not exactly PC anymore. "A diet is the way we eat for life, not a short term fix" blahblahblahblah. Face it. You diet. Don't you? You diet, and then you cheat and stuff your face with something delicious. And you say it's ok because you skipped breakfast. Or you took that what if it was a week ago? It counts, right? Then you get on the scale and you shudder when you see that even though you made all those excuses in your head, you still gained 0.3 pounds this week. Damn.

Well I am pleased to share that I have lost 8 whole pounds this week. Yup. And I did it while baking and eating. Yes, this sounds like know the rest. But, for once in my life, I am utterly serious. Excuse me for adding fish to this blog but, you see, I am a vegetarian who enjoys fish every now and again. It happens. I'm not snobby about it. It's cool.

So, down to this lovely plate. Let me explain. I eat something that resembles this every 2.5-3 hours. It's gruesome. It requires planning. I'm a busy girl. That said, what in life doesn't require planning and who isn't busy? Score: I didn't have to "cook" dinner once this week. Double score: I got to bring snacks to my place of business. Wonderful.

Eat every two hours starting in the morning with 2 ounces of protein and 1/2 cup fruit. Just remember, at every meal afterwards eat 2 ounces protein and 1 cup steamed veggie.'s kinda like eating breakfast, snack, lunch, snack, dinner, snack...get it? Easy. Then add 1/2 cup carb to lunch and dinner and you're ready to rock. Don't use butter or oil. Total bummer. Don't use salt either, or cheat and eat all the salt you want because you can't have butter (I did). Easy. Then...lose weight. Voila.

P.S. If you want to be cool like me and cheat you can A.skip a meal and have a few bites of sugary bakery sweets B.gorge on low calorie fruit when 9pm hits and your feening. You make it up. The main point here is, if you follow this plan it is impossible to eat more than 1000 calories a day. Switch it up, come up with new crazy recipes involving 15 different spices and flavorings. Bake tofu. Steam veggies.

My lunch: 2 ounces tuna w/sesame seeds
1 cup baby spinach w/soy sauce and rice vinegar
1/2 cup brown rice w/salsa

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