Tortellini Making 2011

Thanksgiving at my house would not be complete without homemade tortellini soup. A week before Thanksgiving we make the tortellinis {totally from scratch}, freeze them, bag them, and label them up for Thanksgiving dinner. My great great Aunt Carmella lived to be 103 years old. I distinctly remember a picture of her with a knife and dish towel in her hand with about 7 of her 10 fingers curled under. But she STILL managed to make hundreds of tortellinis in the years before she passed away. Crazy!!! I also remember sitting in her apartment watching CNN for hours as a kid. I once asked her to teach me Italian, but she couldn't remember any {it was sooo long ago}.

I can't give out my family's recipe since I do not feel I am qualified, but I can try my best to describe how we made them. I'm not involved heavily in the process since my aunt and mom are the family experts. We {me, sister, cousin, nephew...} come in at the tortellini wrapping stage. The filling is a blend of chicken, pork, and prosciutto flavored with romano cheese and nutmeg. I shot one picture of tortellini making, and none of the actual tortellinis. Here's to more tortellini making next year, and {finally!} CHRISTMAS season. =)))

Merry Christmas!!!

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December 2, 2011 at 4:57 PM

Wow.. making pasta by hand always intimidates me. But I bet it tastes superb!! Job well done. Thanks for sharing your method. Have a great weekend.:)

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