Cupcake Rut

Lately, I've been in a cupcake rut. I've had to throw away two batches of chocolate nutella cupcakes and one batch of lemon meringue pie cupcakes (complete with homemade lemon curd and meringue) in less than one week. I am overly frustrated and the only thing I know to do is blog about it. I've made plenty of other things to blog about over the week: flat roast chicken, pancakes, homefries, lemon merinuge pie parfaits, Cars 2 cookies, etc. I've half-heartedly attempted to blog about them, but it's like these cupcake catastrophes are distracting me from concentrating. I NEED to make these cupcakes work, I will not accept failure and I will not move on until they are complete!! Sorry for the lack of blog posts, but I just need to get these chocolate nutella and lemon meringue pie cupcakes baked perfectly and posted before I can focus my mind and get excited about the other food I've been making. I hope you understand, I'm sure you've felt this way before.

On another note, I'm really trying to get a new camera soon. The only problem is that I'm a poor college student with no job or rich hubby. I'm working on it...the no job part...that's why I go to school. I already have a hubby. He's not rich, but we're working on that one too.

Oh yeah, and the lack of blog posts cannot be helped by the fact that I'm now back in school full time. Bummer. (I'm such a whiner ;) Although, stress tends to cause me to bake delicious things late in the night, with or without Jack Daniels. It's fun, try it. Just kidding. Not. Anyways, I'm really working on some great stuff and I can not wait to share...hopefully that new camera is on my horizons?

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