What I Ate Wednesday

I'm really excited to post my first What I Ate Wednesday on here! I've always wanted to participate but didn't actually have the courage until now. I've been trying to make a LOT of changes to my diet lately and this month's theme is about 'falling' into good habits. My goals are to cook more healthy food and to stay under 1800 calories a day. I'm a day late this week, but here's what I ate!

Breakfast was two nectarines and a small coffee with light cream and stevia. After breakfast I started experimenting with a pumpkin spice syrup recipe. I can't wait to post it on here!

I ate a late lunch of this awesome sausage, sweet potato, and chicken bake, which I'll be posting soon, too. It was so good but really filling!

I had a large iced coffee with this homemade pumpkin spice syrup 'test batch' I made in the morning as a snack. I only made a small amount but I'm going to the store to buy more bottles and cheesecloth because it is AMAZING!

A couple hours after my coffee I had a 60 minute spinning class. When I got back I watched Sesame Street with Riley and then made a salad with iceberg lettuce, cherry tomatoes, olive oil, and vinegar. I also ate a bunch of watermelon. I may or may not have stolen three pepperoni slices from my mom's pizza...

After I got Riley ready for bed and she was 'asleep' I drank a huge glass of Diet Coke, more watermelon, and some homestyle popcorn. I have a weakness for Diet Coke. That should be one of my goals - stop the D.C. I try to drink cold green tea with Stevia as an alternative. Sometimes.

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September 6, 2012 at 8:19 AM

Looks like a good day of pretty healthy eating. Way to go with the spin class too. :)

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